Work Place Culture

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People drive the performance and achievements of organizations. Culture drives the performance of people. Ensuring that there is a healthy work place culture is vital to the overall success of any business. If employees feel that they are not appreciated they will not strive to do the best that they are able to do. They will not go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and a mutually beneficial outcome has been achieved.


I believe that it is within our reach to change the way we exist in our lives. Attitude and perception are changeable and controllable. If we draw our thinking back to the glass half full or half empty analogy, we know that there is a distinguishable thought process that occurs within each of us. We either view our daily life in a positive light, where opportunity is in abundance, or we are stuck in the doom and gloom approach where there is a “no can do” attitude.


The question is: “What does this have to do with your business or New Zealand business in general?” I like to think of New Zealand business as a multitude of organizations co-contributing to the overall economy, from sole-traders to multi-nationals. Inasmuch, we are each making a difference to the economy and are harnessing the opportunities that are available within our country. This is why it is vitally important to closely examine the internal behaviors of our companies and how these corporate attitudes are being communicated to customers and to the global markets at large.


We would all rather be in a society of abundance, though given the current challenging economic outlook, it is more difficult than ever to understand and maneuver through the obstacles while keeping aspirations and goals as the focal point of thoughts. It can be argued that it is time to make the necessary changes to attitudes and perceptions in order to increase performance and profitability. If colleagues are empowered, peers are inspired and together, every employee’s dreams and hopes are revitalized, imagine what the outcome would be?


We would have businesses that not only ensure a means in which to sustain families but rather a way to enrich and develop a priceless wealth of productive problem solving individuals. All these people would be able to work seamlessly towards objectives without the conflicting emotions that occur in environments that often breed counter-productive surroundings. Bringing like-minded individuals together to work as a team to ensure the best, most efficient outcome for the task at hand seems a far more attractive option.  This approach will ensure customer satisfaction and perhaps change the way customers view their working relationship with companies.  Promoting customer loyalty and increasing business referrals will become targets that are well within the reach of all organizations. The only catch is that there needs to be a definitive purpose and an essential understanding of the companies’ core values in order to develop a healthy work place culture.


These are a few of the reasons why a closer look at the culture within your business is essential if you intend to grow your organization over the next 12 months.  I challenge each person to be the change that we want to see in the world.


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